Purchase and Install: The solar cycle plant and Townet lamppost have already been sized and tested in the lab with the integration of Avigilon Alta cameras and Teltonika switches for connectivity.

Installing surveillance and connectivity in open fields or on lampposts can be a bit of a headache, right? To save you time and money, Aikom has tested and sized two surveillance bundles composed of Avigilon Alta cameras (the new Avigilon range, now including AVA Security), the SmartBox Townet power system (solar or alternating current), and Teltonika switches for wired or cellular connectivity.

If you’re an installer of surveillance and telecommunications systems, you probably know that the most common issues in these cases are the lack of power and the difficulty of remote control and camera updates.

Townet’s intelligent power systems solve power issues and give you remote control. They also come with environmental sensors. There are two versions of Townet power systems. The first is the lamppost version, which uses a powerful power supply to ensure fast battery charging. This solution is particularly suitable for cases where electrical power is unstable or in the event of power outages. The second version is the solar one, which uses an innovative high-efficiency solar charge controller. This version can work with any type of solar panel and has optimized efficiency even in limited sunlight conditions. With this solution, you can power the cameras autonomously and save on electricity costs.

Avigilon Alta cameras, specifically designed and developed to operate in a cloud environment (cloud-native), streamline installation, contain costs, and allow for complete cloud-based management.

For connectivity, we have included a Teltonika router, which enables cellular connectivity with a SIM card. However, you can choose the ideal solution based on the location and installation environment (such as WiFi or ePMP Cambium connectivity).

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