Aikom International


Aikom International is Aikom Technology’s international business unit.

The Company

Your IT value-added distributor in the Adriatics, Bulgaria and Qatar.

Skills, knowledge and creativity are the backbone of our profession. We are a distributor of telecommunications and security technologies to our partners in the Adriatic region, Bulgaria and Qatar, supporting them with advanced services and knowledge at each stage of their various cutting-edge projects.

Aikom International combines team skills and strong relationships with international vendors to deliver the value of IT brands in our portfolio. We provide flexibility to our partners by maintaining large stock and ensuring steady product supply.

Aikom International is Aikom Technology’s international business unit distributing complete communication solutions including professional radio, wireless, WiFi & networking, security & surveillance and license plate reading technologies.

Upcoming Events

Adria Security Summit

Adria Security Summit is a unique annual conference and exhibition of Adriatic region’s security, IoT, ICT, Mobility, Automation and Smart Solutions industries.

25-26 OCTOBER 2023 · Booth 32 hall 12
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The BIZIT conference is recognized among IT experts and business people as the central business and IT event in the region.

8-9 NOVEMBER 2023
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Best Stay

Best Stay is the most relevant hospitality conference in Croatia. It brings together top hoteliers and tourism experts from Croatia, Europe and the globe.

29 - 30 NOVEMBER 2023
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Brand Portfolio

Our Services

Aikom International distribution gives system integrators, installers or service providers useful and timely insights about the cutting-edge TelCo and ICT brands’ solutions.

You can count on:

Qualified pre-sales and post-sales service
Technical support and project design support
Special deals for partners
Wide range of best-in-class IT products in stock

By contacting Aikom International, you guarantee efficiency to your systems and correct use of all devices, being wisely configured and exploited to their full potential.

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Our Partners

Aikom International’s customers are System Integrators, Installers, Service Providers (WISP, ISP, MSP), Carriers, and Security Engineers.

System Integrators
Internet and Managed Service Providers
Security Engineers

Let's get to know each other better

Aikom Technology is an Italian value-added distribution company established in 2006 and very well known in Croatia.

Aikom International is Aikom Technology’s distributed branch office located in Zagreb.

We deliver IT and Telecomunications products in the Adriatic regions, Bulgaria and Qatar with particular reference to Cambium Networks, Motorola Solutions and Avigilon brands.

Aikom believes in knowledge as the value generator and innovation enabler. We strongly invest in our skills, enhancing the knowledge and versatility of each team member, for the benefit of partners that welcome the future supported by Aikom.