Security and protection solutions for all


Security and protection solutions for all

Avigilon Italia provides multi award-winning video surveillance and access control tools such as servers, security cameras and card readers. This brand’s technology is industry-leading and comes with software designed specifically for IT professionals, ideal for strengthening security teams.

The company has developed High-Definition Stream Management (HDSMTM) technology, which preserves the complete integrity of the image. The combination of HDSMTM technology with the industry’s broadest range of megapixel security cameras results in the best image quality and coverage available on the market.

Avigilon H5A Security Camera for the highest image accuracy

The brand’s line of H5A security cameras comes with next-generation video analytics technology. These instruments are able to detect both immobile and moving objects with high accuracy, even in very crowded scenes. Detailed information about the activity at the site is thus provided, allowing prompt and effective action. The quality of H5A security cameras is guaranteed by a 5-year warranty, unique to its kind.

Avigilon H5A Multisensor Security Cameras: coverage from all angles

Avigilon’s H5A Multisensor Security cameras offer a powerful solution for complete coverage of areas under video surveillance, combined with cutting-edge video analytics and the versatility of three or four adjustable sensors. This high-tech solution allows the efficient monitoring of any area regardless of the lighting conditions thanks to the possibility to view angles of up to 360 degrees with a single camera.

H5SL Security Cameras: security and savings go hand in hand

Avigilon H5SL security cameras are a versatile and cost-effective security solution supported by the assurance of an industry leader. Value and simplicity are the ideals at the heart of this line of security cameras. These instruments are valued for their ease of installation, flexible design and various lens options offered by H5SL.

Avigilon H5 Pro Security Cameras capture the most detailed images in large spaces

The Avigilon H5 Pro 10K security camera has a single sensor that offers surprising image detail. It is in fact the most powerful and innovative high-resolution security camera in the market, allowing the acquisition of quality wide-area image detail.

Wearable body cams: security at your fingertips

Avigilon’s wearable body cams, developed in collaboration with Motorola Solutions, are designed to extend security projects. They provide first-person video and audio through the live recording of conflictual incidents between the personnel wearing them and the public.

Video Appliances for greater simplification

Avigilon Video Appliances are designed to reduce installation times, simplify deployment and reduce the cost and complexity of security systems.

NVR & Workstation: unrivalled video surveillance

Avigilon Italia Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Workstations offer higher-than-average performance and reliability for video surveillance applications.


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