Townet for Smart Cities

Townet for Smart Cities

Townet is a leading company in Italy for the development of complete wireless broadband solutions for businesses, individuals and public administrations. Its many hundreds of clients include WISPs, public operators and telecommunications companies throughout Europe.

Townet solutions include high-performance and reliable power supply equipment and network management platforms.

Smart Energy Station with UPS and PoE functions

Thanks to PoE (220 AC and 10-36V DC), Townet’s TW-IDU Node 2 can power any standard and non-standard load, such as 802.3af and 802.3at devices, IP cameras, IP phones, PBXs, Access Points, Switches, CPE and Routers, offering output voltage even in case of a blackout. The power supply is continuously selectable between 24V and 52V for CPE, Base Stations, Hotspots and 48V for standard PoE IP devices, security cameras etc.

The TW-IDU Node charges 12V batteries regardless of the power source, making it suitable for any charge/discharge cycle combination. It also supports “Sharing battery” technology to connect a single battery to multiple IDUs.

Townet Smart Box

These are outdoor cabinets used to power and protect security cameras, wireless devices and other PoE devices. They are highly flexible and allow intelligent management of lamp cycles, batteries and solar panels.


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