Imagine that you can take advantage of the best features of Peplink’s best selling products Surf SOHO and Balance 20, combined in a single device with exceptional performance. This innovative combination creates a cutting-edge tool, offering a number of significant advantages.

The main features

B one, it offers better network speed and Wi-Fi connection, becoming a reliable tool for all connection needs. By integrating typical enterprise software features, such as:

  • the separation of devices in VLAN
  • multiple SSID 
  • WLAN Controller

B One also stands out for its flexibility and advanced network management.


One of the most striking features is the Dual WAN architecture, ensuring an uninterrupted connection even if one of the Internet lines suddenly falls. 

While the SpeedFusion technology is the real hub, combining multiple Internet connections fluidity to create a more reliable flow. 

Its compatibility with Starlink further amplifies its capabilities, allowing it to aggregate multiple Starlink connections and balance the load between different Internet sources, such as 5G/LTE, cable, fiber and FWA, specifically optimizing the network for Starlink’s needs.

Design for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) with Long Term Support

Designed to work in tandem with 5G/LTE MSP Gateway devices, the device allows the aggregation of several FWA connections, such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.
Its versatility also extends to connecting your phone via Wi-Fi WAN or USB.

The firmware is constantly updated to fix vulnerabilities and improve performance. With Peplink, you’re sure to protect your network for the future, because it never stops supporting older devices.

A revolution with the Peplink app

A further step forward is the Peplink app. With a valid PrimeCare subscription, you can enjoy all the potential of SpeedFusion without the need for advanced network configurations. 

The Companion app simplifies device setup and usage, bringing advanced connectivity directly into your hands. This fusion of technologies truly represents a revolution in the connectivity experience, setting a new standard in the world of advanced connections.

With a valid PrimeCare subscription, take advantage of all the features of SpeedFusion without the need for an advanced network configuration. Easy to set up and use with the Companion app.

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