Unbreakable connectivity


Unbreakable connectivity

Peplink is a leader in internet connection load balancing and VPN bonding solutions.

The brand’s Multi-WAN Balance routers are used worldwide, allowing thousands of customers in a variety of fields to increase their bandwidth, improve the reliability of their internet connection and reduce costs.

Aikom Technology is a Peplink Gold Partner.

The Peplink portfolio

The company has a range of products that offer reliable and high-performance connectivity. This is especially guaranteed in environments where a reliable and secure connection is essential, such as corporate branch networks, transport networks, emergency networks, security networks and mobile networks.

The Peplink product catalogue includes:

  • balance routers;
  • managed switches;
  • wireless access points;
  • Firewalls;
  • VPNs;
  • SD-WAN gateways and other network devices.

These products offer advanced features such as WAN link aggregation, intelligent traffic management, advanced security and seamless connectivity.

Peplink 5G connectivity for the connection of the future

To continue developing a more intelligent and connected world, many industries need more and more bandwidth at higher and higher speeds, with virtually non-existent latency times. Peplink 5G solutions aim to connect people, businesses and objects worldwide, taking innovation to a whole new level.

Peplink Max cellular routers

Pepwave Max cellular routers are the ultimate in mobile connectivity. They can combine up to seven wireless connections in a single data connection using SpeedFusion bonding. Peplink Max routers are more than just fast: their unbreakable VPN provides seamless connectivity you can rely on. Moreover, connections can be quickly added and removed, making Max routers easily scalable.

Peplink multi-WAN Balance routers

The brand’s multi-WAN Balance routers offer unbreakable VPN and SpeedFusion bandwidth aggregation solutions. They also feature a series of innovative technologies such as Peplink Balance Firmware, allowing improved control over your WAN and better internet connectivity. Peplink Balance routers allow all this with a single, easy-to-manage device.


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