The synergy between the expanding Motorola Solutions universe in the Security segment and AIKOM, which distributes its historic brands in our region, brings innovative and high-value-added security and video surveillance solutions to the Italian market: a true “new era” for Motorola Solutions.

Motorola Solutions: Strategic Acquisitions in the Security Sector

For the past 5 years, Motorola Solutions has decided to integrate its security offerings by adding the management of signals from physical security systems to its radio communication services. Specifically, during these years, investments have been primarily directed towards video and access control technologies through strategic acquisitions of leading market brands or highly innovative technological startups.

These acquisitions began in 2018 with Avigilon and continued with recent additions such as Videotec, as well as IndigoVision, Pelco, AVA Security, Openpath, Calipsa, Enyvision, and others.

The most intriguing technologies undoubtedly revolve around the algorithms for analyzing audio and video signals processed by artificial intelligence. Currently, there is a strong push towards managing, harmonizing, storing, and correlating these signals on cloud platforms.

In this way, Motorola Solutions presents itself to the market as a unique provider of an integrated offering encompassing voice, video, and access control solutions to support safety, security, and emergency management in institutional and enterprise markets.

From a commercial standpoint, the approach remains consistent, aiming to provide a concrete response to the specific needs of the end user by designing the system around those needs. The offering spans from comprehensive end-to-end solutions to an open approach regarding integration with various technologies.

Cloud-based security services: Data and prospects

The “fear” of the cloud undoubtedly arises from cultural factors. When it comes to security, understood as asset protection, confidentiality is evidently a sensitive issue that often transforms into distrust of the new.

Every new technology obviously comes with associated risks, but it’s important to remember that, as always, there are countermeasures in place. The video surveillance market was worth just under 49 billion in 2022, and the value of the so-called Security-as-a-Service is estimated at over 14 billion, with an expected annual growth rate of 13.8%.

This trend is driven by investments in government and enterprise sectors following the increasing cyber attacks. The cloud, among other benefits (lower capital expenditures, greater scalability, more integration opportunities, etc.), allows for staying up-to-date in terms of defenses against these attacks. Today, as the security system has become a potential cybersecurity weak point, its maintenance and timely updating are essential aspects that the cloud makes possible, simultaneously generating business opportunities in terms of recurring revenue that go beyond traditional system installations.

Vision and Solutions: Safety Reimagined and Orchestrate for the new era of Motorola Solutions

During recent roadshows and events, Motorola Solutions, in collaboration with Avigilon (and Aikom), introduced the Safety Reimagined solution to the distribution channel. This vision encapsulates the brand’s future in terms of convergent communication technologies. The Orchestrate solution will be accessible to all Safety Reimagined partners. Let’s see what it’s all about.

What is Safety Reimagined

Safety Reimagined is the first and only end-to-end ecosystem that brings voice, video, data, and analytics onto a single platform, solving many of the complexities associated with technological integration. Motorola Solutions has reimagined how to apply technology to enhance the security, efficiency, and productivity of organizations.

This means providing customers with the highest level of security for their facilities, clients, and teams through a modular, flexible, and unified system that collects video streams from various devices and networks (cameras, intercom systems, body cams, machines, access detection systems, radios, fixed and mobile telephone networks). It then analyzes and processes them with advanced AI algorithms and actively alerts the team to alarms and critical issues based on automated information flows. The system enables instant group communications and scales with the organization.

What is Orchestrate

Orchestrate is a secure, cross-technology, cloud-based platform that allows human intelligence and technology efficiency to work seamlessly together. What Orchestrate does, in simple terms, is coordinate and streamline all inputs from various technologies within a company, notifying the right person of a relevant event in real-time, providing accurate information, and suggesting the best response based on business processes. All of this is presented through a graphical and intuitive interface.

This is exactly what is needed to ensure workplace safety, a crucial issue: managers and responsible individuals can be certain they are responding to events in full compliance with the myriad rules and regulations to which companies are subjected; workers are more protected and focused; incidents are efficiently managed; production bottlenecks are immediately identified and resolved.

The environments where Orchestrate can be used are truly diverse: industries, hospitals, airports, stadiums, logistics, transportation, multi-utilities.

Aikom’s comprehensive offering on the Motorola Solutions brand

For years now, Motorola Solutions has positioned itself among the largest, most reliable, and admired companies named by Fortune, thanks to its ability to look to the future, read social and economic trends, and adapt to the market to stay one step ahead. Aikom Technology has always fully shared Motorola Solutions’ vision, acting as its spokesperson to its partners and tailoring the message for the market. Today, Aikom has practically all the solutions that make up the Motorola Solutions ecosystem in its portfolio, from radio solutions to Safety & Security solutions: from Avigilon to Pelco to Videotec, from Ava Security to Calipsa.

We believe that distributing video surveillance is not just about selling hardware but increasingly about providing “intelligence”: customized consulting and service, flexible solutions, and quick responses to changing and fluid needs. We are the right partner, in terms of proposal and approach, for those system integrators seeking fresh solutions. This does not mean that product quality and brand are not crucial, today as well as yesterday, but it requires us to “reinvent security,” bringing value and innovation to the customer.

Therefore, we are the ideal partner to support other partners with competence and experience in any unified communication and security project. We add value to their projects, supporting them at every stage: pre-sales and post-sales are two moments to which we have always paid particular attention. We also offer technologically advanced products along with training, financial tools, and co-marketing initiatives with the aim of joint channel growth.

If you want to discuss your next project with us, our team of experts is at your disposal.

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