H5 Pro Security Cameras

AI-based ultra-high resolution cameras

H5 Pro Security Cameras

AI-based ultra-high resolution cameras

The most powerful and innovative high-resolution security cameras allowing the best wide-area image detail in the market. Avigilon HD Pro 10K security cameras have a single sensor that delivers surprising image detail.

Designed with wide spaces in mind, the H5 Pro provides maximum area coverage with an improved frame rate and performance in low-light conditions. This allows the acquisition of significant evidentiary details for investigations, thus ensuring a protected and safe environment, making it possible to increase the efficiency of a site’s video surveillance system with fewer cameras, while at the same time increasing situational awareness

HDSM SmartCodec technology
Reduce bandwidth and disk occupancy through our patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) 2.0 technology. The patented HDSM 2.0 technology drastically reduces server-client bandwidth requirements and optimises the use of storage and computing resources.

Smart analysis
Access powerful analysis functions to improve response times and provide unparalleled evidence for ongoing investigations. Analysis functions include:

Facial Recognition
Rapidly identifies a certain person with a more accurate context to make more targeted decisions regarding critical events.

Unusual Activity Detection
Allows detection of unusual activity, such as people and vehicles travelling at higher-than-normal speeds or found in unusual locations.

Appearance Search Technology
Helps to rapidly identify a certain person to speed up accident response times and advance forensic investigations.

Performance in low-light conditions
Improved performance in low-light conditions helps monitor areas without suitable lighting and allows wide-area acquisition (for example, parking lots, open spaces, city streets, stadiums). Noise reduction and clearer images, combined with integrated analysis, provides powerful live monitoring functions even in the evening and at night-time, and in low-light conditions.

One sensor
The first of its kind to provide high-definition images with integrated analysis functions.

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