Wi-Fi Hotel

for the hospitality industry

Wi-Fi Hotel

for the hospitality industry

Wi-Fi Hotel is the most advanced and widely used software platform to manage Wi-Fi in hotels, shopping centres, public buildings and at large events. It is also used to monetise internet access services and marketing in the hospitality and retail world.

Access management with Wi-Fi Hotel

The platform allows the possibility to choose how to best manage internet access. The service can therefore be perfectly adapted to individual needs.

Multiple access methods

User internet access methods can be autonomously managed, proposing different profiles based on their needs. The numerous authentication methods that can be simultaneously activated with Wi-Fi Hotel allow the implementation of any internet access policy, defining the specific characteristics of each profile.

Connection persistence

After the first authentication, users can stay connected without needing to re-enter their password or codes after a period of non-use. The system, therefore, recognises the devices with which the user has already authenticated themselves within the facility, providing immediate access to the internet.

Content & application filtering

To ensure the best possible user experience, inappropriate contents can be blocked thanks to the content and application filtering features included in Wi-Fi Hotel. Thanks to content and application filtering, network control becomes capillary, making it possible to choose exactly which categories of content and which applications to make accessible to users who access the internet using your facility’s Wi-Fi.

Advanced statistics

The Wi-Fi Hotel analytics tools allow monitoring and analysis of system use with an unrivalled level of detail. Analytics can be used to determine which user groups utilise the facility’s Wi-Fi the most, the main times and methods of access and, above all, the volume of traffic generated so as to prevent possible congestion.

Marketing with Wi-Fi Hotel

The platform can also support its clients with various marketing features.

Guest Portal

Wi-Fi Hotel allows complete personalisation of the Wi-Fi system with the client’s own brand, welcoming guests with a spectacular and responsive graphic interface. Clients can customise it themselves with the Guest Portal composer, using widgets to show guests information about the facility, local events and points of interest. Wi-Fi Hotel also makes the local news and weather forecast automatically available.

Data collection: Wi-Fi Hotel GDPR

The platform allows the data collection of users connected to the Wi-Fi using any means of authentication, in total compliance with data protection and security regulations. This allows the development of a complete database including all users who have visited the facility, which can be exported or supplemented in real time using the most popular external systems.

Questionnaires and surveys

Wi-Fi Hotel allows the automatic sending of various multilingual questionnaires and surveys, all fully customisable, designed to intercept and resolve any dissatisfaction before the guest leaves the facility. Through the platform, guests can also be invited to review the hotel or store on Tripadvisor or other review portals.

Social Wi-Fi

Social Wi-Fi is about more than just user access via social media networks and data collection: it means the possibility to promote, communicate and market the facility. Wi-Fi Hotel’s powerful social media integrations make it possible for guests to “like” your Facebook page and to publish the best reviews you receive through Wi-Fi, in just two simple clicks.

Wi-Fi Hotel helps monetisation

The platform supports its user companies, offering the possibility to earn money by providing numerous services depending on the varying needs of its customers.

Premium access

With Wi-Fi Hotel, users can choose from different profiles with different characteristics depending on their individual needs. For example, free plans with bandwidth and application limits for those with no specific needs, and paid plans for more demanding users with no traffic, time and application limits.

Engagement and automated campaigns

Wi-Fi Hotel’s automated marketing features make it possible to communicate with users, get their feedback or promote products and services automatically.

Recommended locations and banners

Thanks to the Guest Portal, Wi-Fi Hotel offers the possibility to provide a comprehensive and pre-populated search engine containing the businesses and attractions near the facility. This helps to increase earnings through their promotion. Banners, promotional spaces and personalised marketing content, helpful in promoting the services and offers, can be published online with mandatory visibility to users.

Technical features of Wi-Fi Hotel

  • The key features distinguishing the platform are:
  • PMS interfacing, insofar as it offers the possibility to integrate Wi-Fi access management for users with your PMS or management software;
  • security and privacy, because it protects against any unlawful acts committed by users through the facility’s connection;
  • intuitive interface thanks to simple, user-friendly management based on feedback from thousands of users;
  • multiple accounts and, therefore, the possibility for groups of users to log in with the same account using multiple devices, thus simplifying and speeding
  • up internet access.


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