RF Elements

Antennas for fast and sustainable wireless networks

RF Elements

Antennas for fast and sustainable wireless networks

RF Elements, famous for having revolutionised industry standards, joins the Aikom Technology portfolio.

RF Elements antennas, combined with the proposed PTP and PMP solutions by Cambium Networks, Aviat Networks and MikroTik already part of the portfolio, allow the development of high-performance and reliable Fixed Wireless infrastructures, overcoming the problem of RF interference.

RF Elements horn antenna, a high-performance tool

RF Elements antennas are highly engineered, making them unique in the wireless broadband link market. They solve the problem of RF pollution thanks to their:

  • diffusion accuracy;
  • RF noise immunity;
  • back propagation reduced to virtually zero;
  • no signal loss due to external cables, thanks to the special system for connection to the “Twistport” device.

RF Elements defines its approach as “sustainable” given its special attention to spectrum-saving wireless transmission, preventing the well-known high generation of frequency pollution caused by the use of inefficient technologies and antennas.

Networks developed with the brand’s antennas are also easy to install thanks to the Twist-Port system. Consequently, they are highly scalable.

RF Elements antenna: noise immunity

The company’s horn antennas are immune to RF noise. The RF approach is conceptually simple but unique to its kind. It solves the problem of noise by relying on the basic notions of physical signal propagation: it does not filter out noise but rather removes it from the environment.

Zero signal loss with RF Elements

The RF proprietary Twist-Port connector connects the radio and antenna without the use of RF cables and coaxial components. Signal loss is thus reduced to zero and assembly is made incredibly simple.

RF Elements antenna, massive scalability

RF Elements solutions and antennas allow the positioning of more sectors with greater density, thus enhancing the performance of your networks.

RF Elements products and compatibility

  • Sector and directional horn antennas;
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical horn antennas;
  • Particularly high-performance sector arrays;
  • set of TwistPort adaptors for third-party antennas.


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