WAVE PTX Broadband Push-To-Talk

Unified communication for teamwork

WAVE PTX Broadband Push-To-Talk

Unified communication for teamwork

The Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX system uses PTT-over-X (Wi-Fi- mobile network) technology for instant and efficient communication between work teams: instant single or group transmission, multimedia messaging, staff geolocation tracking, all at a controllable and defined price, without device and network barriers. The WAVE PTX system can be used with different devices and modes.

Select the communication tool most suited to your role and responsibilities:

Transform your phone into a multimedia PTT device

WAVE PTX Dispatch
Speak to, manage and coordinate your work team from your desk

WAVE PTX broadband devices
Use WAVE PTX with a dedicated and rugged device

Key features of WAVE PTX

POC technology
Instant single or group voice communication with a simple press of a button.

Multimedia messaging
With WAVE PTX, messages can be sent in different formats: text, audio, photos and videos. It can be used both online and offline thanks to the Store and Forward function.

Alert function
Report an emergency to the nearest operator or group and take action immediately.

Flexible group configuration
Your organisation is unique: with WAVE PTX, enjoy flexible configuration of your work groups in a way that is compatible with your operations.

Geolocation tracking and geofencing
Find and share your location, search for nearby colleagues, communicate by proximity: improve your efficiency.

Real-time presence
Available, Offline or Do not disturb. Three different status options to know whether the user you are trying to contact is immediately available.

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