ePMP 2000 Fixed Wireless Outdoor equipment

ePMP 2000: Cambium Networks’ answer to interference

ePMP 2000 Fixed Wireless Outdoor equipment

ePMP 2000: Cambium Networks’ answer to interference

ePMP 2000 is the next generation of Access Points that takes interference resistance to new levels thanks to Hypure technology, combining Intelligent Filtering and Smart Beamforming to offer unprecedented performance.

The new Intelligent Filtering technology improves both reception and transmission performance and protects the network from out-of-channel interference by means of a filter that moves dynamically around the channel. In terms of transmission, Intelligent Filtering protects the RF environment by reducing out-of-channel transmission noise.

Smart Beamforming, on the other hand, reduces the effects of interference inside the channel. The system recognises the position of each Subscriber Module (SM) served and creates a narrow range towards the desired SM, while the radio transmits in uplink. This reduces the gain on the uplink caused by interferences in the channel that are transmitting at a different azimuth angle than the SM, thus allowing unprecedented higher performance.

Key benefits of the ePMP 2000 system

Industry-leading interference tolerance:
Intelligent Filtering protects the ePMP 2000 against strong interference and reduces out-of-channel noise for better radio coexistence. Thanks to the optional Smart Antenna, Smart Beamforming allows a substantial increase in performance when dealing with strong interferences on the same channel.

Frequency reuse:
GPS synchronisation and transmit power control allow industry-leading frequency reuse.

Unrivalled performance and scalability:
the efficacy of the ePMP MAC protocol means up to 120 active Subscriber Modules can be simultaneously served without any drops in performance.

Site survivability:
he locally duplicated operating parameters allow full functionality even if Cloud connectivity is lost

Cloud-based management without subscription costs:
the cnMaestro free Cloud-based management platform ensures complete life cycle management, control and security services;

Management via XMS-Cloud:
massively scalable multi-tenant platform, extremely simple to use, able to virtually eliminate on-site system maintenance;

Enterprise with layer 3 features:
cnMatrix provides a rich set of layer 2 switching features enhanced with a complete set of layer 3 features (static and dynamic routing), often required on the edge network.

Key features of ePMP 2000

  • Support for up to 120 Subscriber Modules

  • Wide frequency spectrum supported: 5150–5970 MHz

  • 100/1000BaseT interface compliant with 802.3at

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