cnMatrix Enterprise Switches

Next-generation high-performance cloud-managed switching platform

cnMatrix Enterprise Switches

Next-generation high-performance cloud-managed switching platform

cnMatrix is a range of enterprise switches that comprehensively and effectively address all the complex needs of modern combined fibre/wireless networks, with distinctive features making cnMatrix switches stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, the cnMatrix range is already compatible with the new Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax standard and the PoE++ ports can easily handle PoE devices requiring up to 60 W of power.

With cnMatrix switches, Cambium has enriched its networking portfolio with the aim of providing a unified, reliable and affordable access network. The cnMatrix range is based on the Intelligent Edge concept, that is, a set of highly sophisticated functions (policy-based, zero touch, dynamic configuration, improved security) allowing the network operator to monitor all devices in the network through the cnMaestro unified, cloud-based software platform. The same functions can also be managed on-premise.

Key features of cnMatrix enterprise switches

Automated policy-based management:
the possibility to configure devices and automatically configure the switch ports based on the defined policy for the type of device

High security with network segmentation:
provides a high-performance environment in terms of security for critical network resources, automatically positioning the devices in the most appropriate network segment based on their profile

Wireless Aware:
allows policy automation, ease of monitoring and troubleshooting in the wired and wireless network managed in a unified manner

Site survivability:
he locally duplicated operating parameters allow full functionality even if Cloud connectivity is lost

Cloud-based management without subscription costs:
the cnMaestro free Cloud-based management platform ensures complete life cycle management, control and security services;

Management via XMS-Cloud:
massively scalable multi-tenant platform, extremely simple to use, able to virtually eliminate on-site system maintenance;

Enterprise with layer 3 features:
cnMatrix provides a rich set of layer 2 switching features enhanced with a complete set of layer 3 features (static and dynamic routing), often required on the edge network.

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