The perimeter of a port is the first line of defense and coastal surveillance cameras play a key role in limiting access to restricted areas and strengthening overall security.

Pelco’s range of coastal surveillance cameras offers advanced features designed to enhance security and protection in ports. These cameras have been specially designed to withstand port and coastal environments, ensuring the provision of information in all conditions.

Resistant to adverse environmental conditions

Pelco maritime cameras are optimal for coastal conditions, ensuring reliable operation in any climatic situation thanks to their resistance to water, dust, wind and corrosion. In addition, camera technology allows clear identification of objects, even in the most extreme dark conditions of seaports. With the addition of windscreen wipers and sunscreen protectors on maritime CCTV cameras, you can always maintain optimum visibility.

Identification of potential risks

Equipped with Smart Analytics capabilities, these cameras send real-time alerts about events that may require intervention, ensuring constant monitoring of potential risks. With powerful zoom capabilities and multi-directional coverage that reduces blind spots, you can evaluate maritime safety situations before making crucial decisions.

Pelco cameras: the ideal choice for seaports

Choose video surveillance cameras that are best suited to your needs, built to withstand corrosion, strong winds and harsh environmental conditions.

Sarix Pro 4 Bullet 5 MP IR camera

Harness the power of AI analysis and heat detection technology to identify port threats beyond what is visible to the human eye.

Esprit compact bi-spectrum PTZ camera

Rugged PTZ camera with combination of visual and thermal imaging, ideal for marine environments in harsh conditions

Esprit anti-corrosion PTZ camera

Stainless steel camera with 360-degree vision that has obtained the Lloyd’s Register Type Approval for the maritime and naval sector.

Esprit anti-corrosion bi-spectrum PTZ camera

Stainless steel camera combining both visual and thermal imaging and gained Lloyd’s Register Marine type approval

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