Motorola Solutions continues to renew the MOTOTRBO range with R2

The MOTOTRBO range is Motorola Solutions’ best-selling line of radios. Starting with MOTOTRBO Ion, the American brand has been consistently updating it: in recent months, the release of MOTOTRBO R7 and now the highly anticipated launch of MOTOTRBO R2, the most advanced professional radio technology on the market.

The product fits into the market segment currently occupied by the historic DP 1400 radio and is available in both UHF and VHF frequencies, in analog and analog/digital formats. For this reason, R2 is compatible with many of the DP range accessories, such as chargers, audio accessories, covers, and antennas: transitioning to the new model is easy, and the offering brings undeniable improvements.

In particular, in the MOTOTRBO R2, the best features of Motorola Solutions radios converge:

• Elegant and durable design
• Loud and clear sound
• Long-lasting
• Built for work

R2 has exceptional sound quality and allows for instant, easy, and reliable communication, even in the noisiest environments: even in the loudest conditions, it will always feel like you’re talking face to face with your colleagues.

Stronger than ever before

As all MOTOTRBO device, elegance does not equate to fragility; quite the opposite. MOTOTRBO R2 features a robust and compact, rugged structure designed for workers and built to withstand shocks, extreme temperatures, dust… in short: indestructible and fail-safe.

Silencing the noise? Now it’s possible!

MOTOTRBO R2 is designed to perform optimally in any environment. Thanks to an advanced algorithm, it recognizes voices and eliminates all surrounding sounds. This focus allows listeners to hear clearly and without any interruptions, ensuring clear and secure communication in any condition, even in the vicinity of a pneumatic hammer.

You can also adjust the sound intensity based on your preferences or environmental conditions, choosing from three different frequencies. All of this is facilitated by powerful speakers and minimal voice distortion, resulting in consistently clear and clean communication.

Distance won’t be a problem anymore

The antennas of MOTOTRBO R2 are different from all previous models, so sensitive that they can receive signals from a long distance and transmit them clearly, even in the middle of a large warehouse or on a vast property/field.

MOTOTRBO R2: Infinite Battery Life

Thanks to the improvements made, the device will operate continuously for up to 19.5 hours in the analog version and 26.5 hours in the digital version.

Finally, because Motorola Solutions cares about the needs of its users, it has decided to make MOTOTRBO R2 even more unique in its kind. In fact, the device is compatible with many accessories from the DP range, such as chargers, audio accessories, covers, and antennas, making it easier to switch and improve the quality of work.

MOTOTRBO R2, More Details

Download the technical datasheet and brochure for the MOTOTRBO R2 portable radio from Motorola Solutions now.

How can I purchase and try MOTOTRBO R2?

The MOTOTRBO R2 device can be purchased through all Motorola Solutions partners. If you are a company and want to find the partner nearest to you, please contact us.

If you are a system integrator and already a partner of Motorola Solutions, you can directly contact Aikom International to purchase the devices.

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