One Network allows Internet Service Providers to manage the operation of their network through a single control panel, making a significant contribution in terms of efficiency and simplicity.

Automating processes, improving efficiency, and simplifying the management of all hardware and software elements through a single control panel: this is what Aikom Technology, with the proposal of One Network, the new platform from Cambium Networks, offers to Internet Service Providers.

Managing network infrastructure is complex because it consists of hundreds, if not thousands, of devices including access points, subscriber modules, Wi-Fi, switches, VPNs, and more. The One Network ecosystem is designed to orchestrate and configure all Cambium Networks network devices from a single panel, ensuring an excellent user experience for end-users, reducing customer care, personnel, and on-site intervention costs.

Less IT staff, more efficiency, and security

The primary advantage of Cambium ONE Network lies in increased efficiency and cost reduction. Being able to configure an entire infrastructure using Cambium ONE Network not only speeds up deployment times but also minimizes human errors thanks to numerous automation tools. This is also a clear advantage for cybersecurity since many cybersecurity incidents often originate from misconfigured and outdated devices, which may go unnoticed in the infrastructure.

While many solutions offer a single dashboard providing visibility into routers, switches, and APs, Cambium One Network goes beyond that, allowing you to view all Cambium devices, including cybersecurity and SD-WAN solutions, as well as point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless connection systems, including those utilizing the 60 GHz spectrum.

The Simplicity of One Network for the Enterprise World, System Integrators, and MSPs

Cambium’s unified platform, One Network, offers simplicity not only to channel operators and integrators, whose core business involves designing Wi-Fi networks, but also to MSPs (Managed Service Providers) who typically offer SaaS services to retail chains, professional offices, schools, and businesses that install Wi-Fi networks as a complementary service. With One Network, the design and configuration of the entire Wi-Fi network, whether single-site or multi-site, are done in the lab, and on-site installation is completed in a few hours. Remote maintenance is comprehensive, and the support service becomes cost-effective and efficient, benefiting both parties involved. Indoor and outdoor access points, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint bridges, VPNs, switches, network maintenance, and configuration—all managed through a single management panel.

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