Infrastructure solutions for all


Infrastructure solutions for all

Datwyler is a professional international partner for “turnkey” custom infrastructure solutions. The company boasts 100 years of expertise systematically acquired through the development of IT infrastructures in data centres and public buildings. Datwyler’s fibre optic networks are similarly the product of many years of experience, making them some of the best-known in the market.

By offering a one-stop service and direct access to the latest technologies based on each partner’s specific needs, the brand’s solutions allow the development of highly efficient, secure and sustainable communications networks.

Datwyler cables, quality products

The company develops solutions for data centres, local networks and video surveillance. Thanks to Datwyler products, all Aikom Technology channel partners and service providers can rely on high-quality passive components for best integration of brands into their portfolio.

Datwyler product categories

The company is committed to providing the most comprehensive service possible, offering a sufficiently articulated range to meet all customer needs.

Datwyler’s key products include:

  • Racks for wiring in large and small buildings;
  • copper and fibre optic cables;
  • copper patch panels;
  • optical patch panels;
  • accessories (patch cords and connectors for fibre optics and copper).

Datwyler product applications

The brand’s products and, in particular, Datwyler fibre optic networks are used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • office buildings;
  • public buildings;
  • data centres;
  • campus networks;
  • fibre broadband networks (FTTx);
  • shopping centres;
  • arenas;
  • hospitals;
  • hotels and resorts;
  • smart Factory (IoT and 5G);
  • industry and production;
  • transport hubs;
  • tunnels.


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