In increasingly complex and dynamic business environments, security is a top priority. Motorola Solutions conducted an in-depth survey that provides a detailed overview of the security needs of enterprises, collected in the “Security in Enterprises Report 2023”. This report provides essential guidance for companies in every industry, highlighting innovative solutions and advanced technologies to address current challenges. 

The business context

The enterprise environment is diverse and complex, with different industries facing specific challenges. However, the need for integrated communication technology is universal. Motorola Solutions interviewed over 370 representatives of organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, covering areas such as health, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.

Instant communication is key to business security

The report reveals that instant communication is critical, with 70% of respondents considering it the most important feature. Protecting workers and visitors with security features is just as crucial. 

The main priorities include:

  • automatic alerts to prevent potential accidents
  • efficient management of emergencies
  • the ability to reach workers anywhere, both on site and off site, with a single communication system

Business challenges and solutions

The survey highlighted significant challenges for company voice and video communication systems, including: the need to maintain reliable coverage on large sites, battery life (42%) and audio quality (36%).

In this regard, digital two-way radios and devices are emerging as a preferred choice, offering superior audio quality, extended coverage and improved battery life.

Growing video security

29% of respondents feel insecure about the workplace, but 30% of the companies and factories involved in the survey do not yet have adequate safety tools. 

If video security is adopted by 34% of the participants, the future seems oriented to the widespread use of body cams, with 30% willing to invest in this technology in the next five years.

Integrated technology for maximum safety and production efficiency

Motorola Solutions presents advanced solutions to address these challenges. 

The MOTOTRBO Ion is a hybrid device that combines bidirectional radio and smartphone functions with barcode reading offering reliability, endurance and advanced features.
The MOTOTRBO R7 and WAVE PTX provide crystal clear communications and connectivity over large areas, while the VB400 body cam is an essential resource for collecting evidence.

To underline the interoperability of the Motorola Solutions devices just mentioned with video surveillance systems, making the management of the entire safety & security ecosystem in the company fluid and centralized.

The report

Motorola Solutions’ 2023 Enterprise Safety Report is an in-depth analysis of the current needs of enterprises to ensure the safety of workers, customers and business resources. Reading the document not only provides a unique opportunity to understand current challenges but also provides advanced solutions that are redefining the concept of business security.

Download now the “Report 2023 on Security in Enterprises” and get ready for a safer and more productive future!

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