Best Stay is the most relevant hospitality conference in Croatia. It brings together top hoteliers and tourism experts from Croatia, Europe and the globe.

Personalized journeys elevate guest experiences from good to exceptional!

29 – 30 November, 2023
Zonar Zagreb, Croatia

We are proud to announce that Aikom International is participating with Cambium Networks as Conference Technology Partner and Motorola Solutions, world leader in safety and communication solutions.

Customer experience begins with safety

Envision a hospitality world where devices, networks, and physical locations fade into the background. In this scenario, hotel staff members, spanning transportation, security, maintenance, housekeeping, and beyond, seamlessly communicate with one another, both on-site and remotely. This advancement not only broadens communication possibilities but also trims expenses related to duplicate systems, all while elevating the level of guest satisfaction.

Unlock seamless and scalable communication with Motorola Solutions. The network activation is swift, often taking just a few hours, and most programming is done remotely, ensuring uninterrupted workflow for our valued customers.

Experience flawless connectivity with Motorola Solutions voice devices, seamlessly transitioning between radio, Wi-Fi, and LTE 4G networks.

For top-notch network quality and coverage, trust Aikom International’s portfolio of premium brands and solutions. Partnering with industry leader Cambium Networks, we ensure Wi-Fi, wired network, VPN, and mobile connectivity you can rely on. Join us and elevate your communication capabilities today.

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