Previously known as Openpath, Avigilon Alta provides mobile and cloud-based access control solutions suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises. Renowned for its ability to create intelligent entryways and simplify access without the use of keys, Avigilon Alta offers a range of advanced features. This system allows companies to optimize their operations, enhance security, and promote wellbeing. Currently, Avigilon Alta is used in a variety of settings including commercial buildings, offices, educational institutions, places of worship, gyms, and residential communities worldwide.

Avigilon Alta access control is natively integrated with the Alta Aware software to provide a more comprehensive security overview. Alta Aware allows for a single platform to gather information from cameras, environmental sensors, and access control, managed with the help of artificial intelligence to send alarm notifications

Cloud Access Control: Secure and Flexible Management

Avigilon Alta is a cloud-based access control system that offers flexibility and scalability. It enables completely serverless remote management, allowing administrators to control all sites from a single interface. Its features include credential management, real-time monitoring of access activity, and integration with other systems. With its open API architecture, it is easy to connect Avigilon Alta to other platforms.

For even more agile management, there is a tablet app perfect for environments such as reception areas and conference rooms. This app allows for quick and simple issuance, revocation, and modification of mobile credentials directly from the tablet. Additionally, the complete set of management features is available on both iOS and Android devices, as well as on the browser via Alta Control Center.

Contactless Access with Secure Mobile Credentials

Avigilon Alta offers a control system that promotes the use of mobile credentials for secure and contactless access. Using smartphone instead of traditional access control systems like key cards or key fobs is recommended by most installers for greater security and convenience. One of the most appreciated features is the “Wave to Unlock” which allows you to open doors without touching them by simply gesturing with your hand in front of the reader while your phone is with you because the readers automatically recognize your phone via Bluetooth and movement, authenticating the mobile credentials instantly. Unlocking occurs in fractions of a second, perfect for high-traffic areas like lobbies or main entrances. Using patented Triple Unlock technology, Avigilon Alta Access Control ensures a reliable unlocking experience 99.9% of the time.

Moreover, it’s less likely that people will lose or forget their smartphone, and it’s a safer system because most devices are password-protected. Avigilon further ensures security with encryption at every level and the option to enable two-factor authentication using the biometrics integrated into smartphones.

With the availability of the Smart Watch app, it’s possible to unlock doors simply by having the phone nearby without even taking it out of your pocket or bag. This feature is compatible with iOS devices.

Digital Guess Pass

Avigilon Alta Access Control offers digital Guest Pass, allowing administrators to easily send temporary links via SMS, messaging apps, or email to visitors through Cloud Key. The credentials are customizable for each guest, allowing access to be limited to certain times and for a specific duration. Moreover, visitors can access facilities via a web browser without the need to install any app.

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